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Pictures & Video Of Our Steakhouse

Below on this page, we have compiled some pictures and video relating to our steakhouse in Alabang. Some are pictures and video that we have gathered from around the web, or that were sent to us. Others may be those that we shot ourselves.

We hope you enjoy what you see below as you get to know us a little better through the images of and about our steakhouse!


Here are some pictures of and about the Wooden Horse Steakhouse. We hope you enjoy seeing these as much as we enjoy sharing them with you! :-)


Our Lobby

Wooden Horse Steakhouse Lobby
image courtesy of Megacities

This is a great picture of our lobby, where our guests sit and enjoy the best certified Angus beef in Alabang! As you can see, we've taken great pains to give our guests a little taste of Texas here in our steakhouse.


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About Us

The Wooden Horse Steakhouse has been serving Alabang for more than three years. We're committed to providing an authentic Texas experience while providing the best steaks available in Alabang. Learn more about the Wooden Horse here!

Wooden Horse Steakhouse
About The Wooden Horse

Our Menu

We are very proud of our menu here at the Wooden Horse Steakhouse. Our certified Angus beef combined with our commitment to providing our meals at reasonable rates makes us the best steakhouse in Alabang! Click here to see our menu.

Wooden Horse Steakhouse Menu
Wooden Horse Steakhouse Menu

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