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Delicious Seafood, Chicken & Beef Dishes
On The Wooden Horse Steakhouse Menu

Fancy some great fried fish? How 'bout some fried shrimp? We've got some great specialty seafood, chicken and beef dishes here that'll make your mouth water like no one's business! Check 'em all out here!

Select Seafood, Chicken & Beef Specialties

Breaded pan-fried fish stuffed with seafood, served with tartar sauce.

Large breaded deep-fried shrimp served with tartar sauce.

Grilled salmon (6 ounces) with original teriyaki sauce.

Steamed shrimp with spicy garlic butter sauce.

Grilled tender & juicy chicken with a Wooden Horse Steakhouse original sauce.

Grilled chicken with our Wooden Horse Steakhouse original teriyaki sauce.

Grilled hamburger, chicken, fish and sausage - all on one plate! YES!!!

Definitely a "touch of TEXAS"! Thinly-sliced fried beef covered in white sauce.

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About Us

The Wooden Horse Steakhouse has been serving Alabang for more than three years. We're committed to providing an authentic Texas experience while providing the best steaks available in Alabang. Learn more about the Wooden Horse here!

Wooden Horse Steakhouse
About The Wooden Horse

Our Menu

We are very proud of our menu here at the Wooden Horse Steakhouse. Our certified Angus beef combined with our commitment to providing our meals at reasonable rates makes us the best steakhouse in Alabang! Click here to see our menu.

Wooden Horse Steakhouse Menu
Wooden Horse Steakhouse Menu

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So you like what you see on our site, but you'd like more information and would like to contact us? Everything you need to know about contacting us here at the Wooden Horse Steakhouse is in this section of our site. We look forward to hearing from you!

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